La Marionnette is a boutique for baby clothes. In addition, the shop offers birth lists.
The website is an e-commerce site. It offers to access birth lists and pay online. It is precisely on this point that the Newave web agency intervened.

The Newave web agency was responsible for the development of the e-commerce system.

Here are some of the steps the agency has been working on:

1. In shop, the manager creates a born list in its commercial / accounting software.

Les listes de naissance de La Marionnette La Marionnette creates a born list in its software..
If the parents wish it, La Marionnette activates the distributionof the born list on the e-commerce site.

2. Recuperation of the born lists from the accounting / commercial software.

Les listes de naissance de La Marionnette The born lists of La Marionette can be found it online.
A search engine allows an immediate search for a born list.
The corresponding lists are shown.

3. The addition of articles in my basket

Les listes de naissance de La Marionnette Choose the article, the quantity.
From this moment, a message informs us that the article has been added to the basket. We then have two buttons allowing us to "go back to the list" or "finish our purchases".

4. The shopping cart

Le panier de La Marionnette The basket contais reprend la liste des articles ainsi que la quantit�.
The basket is stored in a cookie, so the user can come back later to pay for his basket.
You can change the quantities of a clause or you can delete a clause.

5. The information of the person offering the gift

Les informations du donneurs After validation of the basket, you can leave your information as well as a note of sympathy.
This makes it possible to trace the payment for both the store and the parents.

6. Final summary before payment

R�capitulatif avant paiement Just before paying, the e-commerce site presents to the user the summary of his order. Items with their price are displayed. In addition, the total price is displayed.

7. Payment via Ogone

Les informations du donneurs The user then arrives at the final stage, payment. The user can choose his method of payment, Bancontact, homebanking, etc..
All this part of the site is managed entirely by the payment service Ogone.
In order to secure payment, all communication between Ogone and the Internet user is encrypted.

8. Successful Payment

Paiement Ogone r�ussi After successful payment, the user is automatically redirected to a summary page that tells him that his payment is successful.
The abstract shows the items purchased as well as the amounts paid.
We also tell the Internet user that an email has just been sent to him.

Paiement Ogone r�ussi re�u par email The Internet user receives an order success email..
The content of the email takes up the summary of its order with the total price and the purchased items.
This allows users to keep track of their purchase over the longer term.

9. In store, the software recovers payments

Paiement Ogone r�ussi re�u par email La Marionette recovers payments made from the site directly in its commercial/accounting software. The system is automatic.
Product availability is updated and Internet users and in-store customers are not likely to buy the same product multiple times.
If you are also interested in setting up an e-commerce site,
together, we propose that you study your project in depth and make it a success.