It is thanks to the different profiles of our experts that we can provide our services in different Internet activities (e-commerce, development, advertising, SEO, etc ...).

Who are we ?

The Newave web agency started its activities in 2007 and is today known under the legal name of Newave Web sprl.

The company is currently helping many SMEs to increase their various activities on the Internet. If we mainly develop websites, we also specialized in a particular area: the promotion of your activities on the internet thanks to paid referencing (sponsored links) and advertising on the internet (example: Facebook ).

Newave is also one of the few Walloon companies to be approved and certified by Google as "Google AdWords Specialist".

Newave is a web agency for communication and specialized marketing on the Internet. Our web agency aims to offer its services to companies for the supervision for all their web projects.

Why invest in the internet via a web agency?

Just in case you are not convinced yet:

  • 97% of Belgian companies are connected to the internet (European average: 96%)
  • 65% of the declarations were sent electronically to the tax authorities
  • 45% of Belgians shop online
  • 23% of companies shop online
  • 24% of companies receive orders online

(source : : "ICT in numbers")

Ready to sell on the internet? Net surfers are waiting for you!

As you can see, being present on the internet is a strength for your company or organization. It remains to develop and make this force profitable.

This is what we propose: make team with you, so that your company becomes unavoidable on the internet.