CMS is the abbreviation of "Content Management System". It allows you via an interface simple to modify the texts of your site. Open source CMS mean that this one is free. "

Your web site has to possess a unique webdesign with your graphics standards, your colors, your logo, he has to represent your universe. That is why we propose you the realization of a personalized design and its HTML integration in CMS.

The choice of CMS

In the panel of CMS which exist, each has its specificities. It is advisable to determine the objective of your project to see which CMS is the most adequate. Due to our experience in the integration of the various CMS of the market, we can advise you to find the one who suits at best your web site.

The creation of module/extension/plugin

One CMS proposes a set of modules that we can install in a few minutes. Very often, they well enough meet your needs and satisfy you. When you need a module which does not exist, we can design him specifically for you.

Our experience in CMS:

Since 2007, we worked with Wordpress, Joomla, Made Simple, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, and others.. We developed Web sites with most of the CMS known on the market.

We also worked on websites that used CMS designed by other web agencies.

And as we are passionate Web developers, we set up different THREE CMS. Of the simplest in the most advanced, our third and last CMS is always under development. We use it on big web projects which allow us to improve it from day to day.

In other words, we have a rather clear overview on what we are going to be able to make with such or such CMS. We can thus recommend you on the use of one CMS specific.