"The audit of your site is the detailed analysis of the performances accompanied by a complete report including specific recommendations"

Your business is unique. Improving visibility and notoriety on the web can not be improvised. Several factors can influence the choice of a strategy. It is for this reason that an audit is essential before any marketing action.

Newave offers 4 areas of analysis: ergonomics, strategy, visibility, security. You will have an overview through a detailed report and together we can define an effective strategic plan with the points to be strengthened and the actions to be taken.

4 points of analysis

  Points of analysis Advantages


What is your visibility on the internet compared to your competitors?

  • Natural referencing(SEO)
  • positioning on search engines
  • traffic (source of traffic and analysis of external links)
  • relevance of keywords
  • url and internal links
  • Improve your visibility on the web
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Promote your site to your target


Does your site match your goals?

  • Communication channels
  • competition
  • relevance of your content
  • strategy on social networks
  • online advertising
  • Increase your sales
  • Respond to your customers' requests, anticipate their needs and retain them
  • Please match the content with your targets and goals


What is the performance of the user experience?

  • ergonomics of navigation
  • responsive design
  • speed connection
  • information management
  • user behavior
  • Improve ease of navigation and interactivity.
  • Increase the efficiency of the buying process
  • Improve your performance and response times


Is your site protected against external attacks?

  • performance of hosting
  • domain perfonmance
  • security failures
  • relevance of keywords
  • updates and backups
  • Prevent hacking and removal of your site
  • Check the backup set up
  • Prevent the deterioration of your site

Custom report

  • Overview of the performance of your website
  • Details of the 4 points of analysis
  • Areas for improvement and strategic advice
  • Proposal for an action plan