Monitoring and Optimization - Newave

Statistical monitoring of your website and its optimization based on results help ensure the long-term success of your goals

Creating your website : Do you want to retain your customers? Increase your conversion rate? So ask us for a statistical analysis: we will create together a sustainable and effective strategy.

Obtaining accurate data takes time. But once it is obtained, they allow us to make the necessary marketing and technical adjustments, and boost your website. SEO, ergonomics or conversion rates: we will continuously optimize your site to reach your goals, and beyond!

4 good reasons to analyze and optimize your site:

  • Know more about and hold your target

    Your clientele is not always as you imagine it. By analyzing the statistics of Google Analytics, you will know in detail, and know how to retain it, and where to aim to expand!

  • Increase your conversion rate

    Once you know your target better, you will understand their expectations and how to meet them. Adding a custom module can sometimes make all the difference to increase your conversion rate!

  • Adapt to search engines

    Google and other search engines regularly update their algorithms. We are here to help you staying always first!

  • Get ahead of the competition

    You are not always alone in your area. Newave is here to help you stand out. Social networks, natural referencing or e-mailing campaigns: you will be the reference in all levels! !