With the natural referencing you have presence on Google! !

"Be present in search engines!  ! With a strategy of natural referencing, be among the first sites to be shown in the various search engines".

To make a success of this challenge, it is essential to work the whole web site following a clear and detailed strategy. It is also important to work the main useful keywords for your web site as well as all which makes up him.


Referencing consists in being present in the results of the various search engines. We speak about referencing to indicate the position on these sites.

Furthermore, we are an approved company "Specialist Google AdWords" Approved.

Several of our customers are referenced in first position on the Google search engine. It is the result of an excellent collaboration between our experts and our customers.

The objective of our agency is to help companies to become important on the Internet. This objective can be reached thanks to a good positioning on search engines. To arrive there, it is necessary to build an excellent work of referencing.


To reference your web site, our agency uses the following methods: :

  • To reference your web site, our agency uses the following methods: :
  • Analysis of your market
  • Analysis of trends
  • Choice of keywords
  • Creation of interesting pages of contents for the Internet user
  • Optimization of the internal links of the site
  • Optimization of the contents of your web site (images, titles, descriptions, texts, etc.)
  • Creation of partnerships with sites handling the same theme
  • Optimization of the source code allowing Google to read your web site more simply/quickly

We use all our skills to give to the Internet user a useful and precise information. We do not use techniques which cheats over the real contents of the web site!


Certain techniques of cheating can propel in the short term your referencing on Google. Nevertheless, in the medium and long term, these techniques will bring report you nothing.

Here are some examples of techniques of cheating forbidden by Google which we disadvise you to use because they bring nothing to the Internet users:

  • Show a different contents in the search engine and to the Internet users.
  • Via a Javascript script (called technique "cloaking")
  • Texts or links masked in the web site
  • Misleading rerouting
  • Duplicated pages
  • Satellite page
  • Etc.

These techniques are visible by search engines. The web site which cheats will not be taken into account by Google or worse, it will not be placed on a blacklist.

We have never created a Web site having afterward been penalized by Google, because we put the Internet users in the center of our attention. What what Googles appreciate particularly.

Nevertheless, we have already worked on sites having undergone the penalties of Google. We then tried to set up a new spirit in the company where the Internet user is in the center of the reflection and where the contents are seen as the main wealth of the site.