E-mailing & Newsletters


The Newsletter is an excellent way to remind to your customers and Internet users that you always exist. It can inform them for example about your current events or propose them a temporary promotion."

To send newsletters is an opportunity to develop loyalty of a customer who would have been able to forget you. The Newsletter has the big advantage that the customer already knows you and that he is thus going to grant you all his confidence, contrary to the prospecting by e-mailing.

E-mailing Prospecting Campaign

E-mailing prospecting campaigns allow you to introduce yourself to potential customers.

For an e-mail marketing campaign to be successful, the most important ingredient is your database. Contacts need to have an interest in your products or services.

To improve your email marketing campaigns, you can use direct mail using your contact information. You will be able to call your contacts by their first name and thus make your e-mailing more personal.

The PubMail solution is a professional software for prospecting by e-mailing.

Mailing software

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