Stratégie Digitale

"Digital Marketing, is all the marketing measures on the Internet that you can take to promote your activity".

According to your needs, to your target, to your budget, we establish an e-marketing custom-made and directed strategy return on investment intended to give you a beautiful visibility on the web.

Natural referencing

SEO - Google Analytics

  • Augmentation of traffic
  • Better visibility
  • Long term results

Paid referencing

SEA - Google Adwords

  • Qualified visitors
  • Insured profitability
  • Immediate visibility

E-mailing and newsletters

Mailchimp - Pubmail

  • Development of customer loyalty
  • Qualified addresses
  • Broadcasting

Community management

Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Youtube

  • Federation of communities
  • Free access
  • Management of e-reputation

Advertising on sites and search engines

Google Dislpay

  • Improvement of the fame
  • Increase of the conversions
  • ROI

Advertising on social media

Online advertising

  • Very precise targeting
  • Personalized ads
  • Customers