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Webmarketer & Web Developer

(Founder of Newave the 1/10/2007)

Entrepreneur and sportsman, Jean-François is always ready to launch new innovative projects and push them to their maximum.

With more than 15 years of experience in Web, he accompanies the projects and participates in the development of these.


Project manager

With her charisma, her listening skills and her determination, Joëlle's mission is to manage some of the agency's projects.


Web Developer

A former history student, it is finally in web Development that Arnaud found his way.

After a successful internship at newave, he decided to stay with us to participate in projects.



(At Newave since le 07/02/2022)

Experienced in C#, he develops daily in Java at Newave.

Arrived in the team recently, he is now certified for the use of the coffee machine.

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They worked at Newave

David - Internship - Job
Développeur confirmé avec une formation solide, David a participé aux développements logiciels les plus complexes de l'entreprise pendant 4 ans.

Karl - Internship - Job
Développeur junior, il a débuté un stage suivi d'un engagement dans l'équipe pour participer au développement des projets internes et pour les clients.

Jean - Internship - Job
Always active, Jean shares his days between his computer, his 3D printer and his camera. He actively participated in the development of new projects. He is also worked on improving web agency development and web marketing techniques.

Yvan - Internship - Job
Often behind a screen, he also has other passions, such as music and reading. He has developed websites while actively participating in the development of innovation for our clients. In addition, he trained and was able to pass several certifications, including Zend certification of php. After joining us early in his career, Yvan continued his journey to discover new horizons.

Dorian - Internship - Job
Passionate about technology, Dorian has participated in the development of mobile applications.

Françoise - Job
With several years of experience in sales, Françoise has allowed Newave to broaden its horizons. Always attentive to the needs of the customers, she was for a time the first contact between the agency and the customers. With her experience of the old ways of working and equipped with new digital method learned at Newave, Françoise has gone to new challenges.

Sophie - Job
Multidisciplinary, Sophie is as comfortable on a football field as diving under 30 meters of water. At Newave, she developed client websites and participated in their design. Now she has gone to discover new horizons and take up new challenges.

Christina - Internship - Job
She first did an internship in the company during which she mainly focused on updating the Peiffer site. Temporarily hired thereafter, she gave the team a good mood and a serious job. An experience that allowed him to start his career in the web

Sébastien - Job
Webmarketeteur and bike enthusiast Sébastien has been involved in AdWords account management and training for various training centers in Belgium. After being drafted from a temporary job, Sébastien resumed his apprenticeship in digital marketing after which he left us to follow his path.

Josué - Job
Graphic designer and webdesigner, Josué participated in the development of new website and the improvement of ergonomics of these. Although his talent is obvious, the needs of the agency were mainly focused on web development and web marketing. Josué continued on his way to the next stage of his career.

They had an internship in Newave

Many students have also done their internship with us!

Antoine, Sarah, Carmello, Rija, Baptiste, Emmanuel, Anthony, Nicolas, ...