Why did you create ?

It is towards at the age of 14 years when I began to develop various projects of web sites. At the same time, I was very interested in the big ideas which were successful since then, such as Facebook, Google, EBay, Immoweb and many of the others.

When I was about 17 years, I understood that I had no concept and I took the the decision to associate me with people had a concept.

To reach this goal, I had to prepared myself to become the best partner specialized in Web. IT programming, on-line marketing, outstanding marketing, accounting, were subjects I studied and put into practice. 5 years of study and experience were necessary to create Newave in 2007.

Today,36 I am 32 years old, and I always have the same objective, the best possible futur with people who have a concept.

Which are the objectives of Newave for the future?

The web agency Newave is a company built in the value creation.

The objective is to participate in this immense world created on internet. If the concept is great, it is necessary for us to have a pleasant life via a salary adapted to the market and to allow a calm working atmosphere for the various members of the team.

Newave was non-stop growing since its creation, to where will you go?

The growth is not really a purpose in itself. The objective is rather the sustainability and the quality of the supplied service. And then, to work on several it is much funnier. We are a small internal team of six people this day, plus the people of the accounting, video service, etc. and we shall see in the future how will get organized all this small world to continue to prosper.