An internship at Newave

Why welcoming trainees in your web agency?

We have several reasons to welcome trainees in Newave..

Their innovations : first of all, young people are hyper connected and bring to the company new fresh air. Indeed, a trainee who learns web development today will study the current technologies, while we learnt them 10 years ago. It allows us to develop the old ways with the last and new techniques.

A reinforcement in the team : to have trainees also allows to come to help the company. It is often an opportunity to move forward on internal projects left unsettled because of the workload of the employees. However, to have trainees is an investment of time on behalf of the team to watch to form them and to support them. Furthermore, they are often less effective because are still in full learning.

A division of knowledge : to welcome trainees allows finally to pass on his knowledge. The employees learn to train people and to manage their time. It is a profit both for the employee as for the trainee.

How many trainees do you welcome every year?

We welcome two trainees a year at Newave. It allows to create a complementary team.

Which is the duration of an internship?

Between one and three months.

Which are the tasks the trainees do in your web agency?

For every trainee, we set up objectives so that the internship is not simply an internship of observation but well an internship of dumping. We also take into account skills of each.

The trainees work mainly on internal projects but we try nevertheless to involve them in the projects for our customers. Towards the end of their internships, we trust them the realization of a part of a web site for one of our customers. They are a good overview of the functioning of a company and take responsibilities.

Indeed, we try to teach the trainees the various faces of the business that we live from day to day. You can find in our page some of the works realized by our trainees.

some of the works realized by our trainees.