OVH hosting

For our customers, we want to offer a successful, safe and low-priced web site hosting, and it for a long time. At the beginning of 2014, we thought about the best solution to improve again our service, and crossed 6 months to multiply the prototypes and the tries.

Our conclusion: machine in one dated center quality.Our waiter is located in France at OVH, the biggest European host.

Our professional offer: :

  • Hosting and ip fixes dedicated for your site
  • Systematic protections (last 7 days, last 12 months)
  • 10 boxes email of 2Go (adjustable on request)
  • 10 Go of disk space (3 ultras hard disks fast SSD in RAID(TREK) 1) (adjustable on request)
  • Obligation to have a system of maskfor CMS (this returns your faster site)
  • Capacity server guarantee (power, bandwidth, memory(report) ram)
  • Cost: 250 euros HTVA a year. The migration of your site can be realized for 120 euros.

Cost : Cost: 250 euros HTVA a year. The migration of your site can be realized for 120 euros.

Your advantages

Speed. It is the characteristic of a dedicated server: you are only on your space, thus your site is very fast.

Security. Thanks to your fixed IP, you can benefit from a certificate SSL. This one allows your visitors to navigate your site in a secure way. When you are in normal navigation(browsing), the URL begins by " http: // ". In secure version, a "s" is added in the URL and thus begins by " https: // ".

Certified E-mails. The e-mails you send will arrive at destination without being classified as spam. This often arrives when your e-mails are accommodated on a server on whom there are several Web sites. It happens while certain users have a mismanagement of their e-mails and the IP address of the server eventually considers as spam. Here, none risks because you have your own IP fixed dedicated for your web site.

Balance. The management of a dedicated server is expensive in time and silver. The qualified personnel is needed to make its management and its daily follow-up. With our offer, we reconciled the best of both worlds by proposing you a solution dedicated with its management on a daily basis.

Simplicity. The invoicing is annual and is made always until January. If you take the accommodation in February, thus you pay from February till January of the next year. Thus it simplifies the administration, for you as for us.