The PubMail is a professional email solution with marketing software. We have fully developed it so that our customers can send newsletters or manage their e-mailing prospection.

With the PubMail e-mailing solution, you can do direct mail and use the contact's personal information to get more attention by making e-mailing more personal.

Functions :

The management of your e-mailing is via simple web interface and accessible from any computer with Firefox.

PubMail allows you to manage your contacts, to send an e-mailing and to see the opening and reading statistics of your e-mailing.

Here are the possibilities of the PubMail solution:

Contacts Management

  • Ability on groups: create, edit, delete
  • Possibility on contacts: create, modify, delete
  • Possibility on contacts: create, modify, delete
  • Importing and exporting contacts

Creation of your e-mailing

  • Create your e-mailing with a simple interface like Word or insert your HTML code
  • Possibility to attach a file in the mail (pdf, doc, etc.)
  • Ability to insert an image in the mail
  • Using the contact's personal information for direct mail

Sending your mailing

  • Scheduled shipment on a specific date and time
  • Sending to multiple groups and thousands of contacts in one operation
  • Sending direct mail, no cc or bcc.

Statistics of your e-mailing

  • Opening date and time
  • Number of openings
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of buzz
  • Create new groups from statistics to restart your contacts

Assistance with use

  • A technician and an internet marketing professional are at your disposal to help you manage your e-mailing.


The PubMail emailing software can be used from 0.01€ per mail sent. A subscription is also available. The price will depend on your use of our e-mailing solution.