Advertising on Google

"The Display network of Google allows to create advertising banners and to post(show) them on thousands of web sites to increase your fame, your visitors, and your sales. "

What is Google Display?

Google Display, it is the announce which appear, in the form of banners, in various places of the web sites which you visit. They can present of the text, photos, videos, or still interactive contents.

Once your announcement is created , you associate keywords to it as for paid SEO. You can also give a theme to your announcement, which Google will use to place it in locations and on adequate sites.

The Display network represents more than two million sites, , videos and mobile applications where to show your announcements. From where the importance of a sensible targeting. That is why our expert Adwords is there to help you design your campaign, attract always qualified visitors.

You have the choice of paying according to the formulas best adapted to your objectives. Either by clicking (CPC), if you want to make the most of each visit. Be at the posting (CMP), if your objective is first and foremost visibility. Be still at Acquisition (CPA), if you want to reduce the costs of conversions.

Your advantages

Notority. Thanks to the targeting, your ads are shown on sites with similar contents. The Internet users seeing your announcements are thus qualified and more susceptible to visit your site.

Freedom. You can also choose yourself locations and specific sites, to target a public handbook and spread even more your visibility.

Customer loyalty . The lists of remarketing allows you to create ads intended for the visitors of your site not having bought your products, and reminding them your presence. These announcements can concern precise products which they have consulted!

Rentability. Google provides tools to optimize the cost-per-clic ( CPC), either to increase your conversions from a cost.

Our Google Display service

  • Creation and parameterization of campaigns by our AdWords specialists, based on objectives that we will set together.
  • Realization of banners using the formats best suited to your needs.
  • Targeting analysis and implementation based on your objectives.
  • Monitoring and optimization of campaigns based on statistical analysis, and implementation of remarketing campaigns.
  • Training and technical and strategic consultancy, if you want to manage your campaigns yourself.