Facebook, Twitter, the new SMO strategy

When we talk about optimizing a website, we often think of SEO (AdWords Campaign). Yet, it does not stop only at that.

Indeed, the evolution of the net and especially social networks saw the birth of the SMO, less known but equally powerful and important.

The SMO, literally Social Media Optimization, brings together all the techniques to attract visitors via social networks. When we think that there are 5.6 million Belgian accounts on Facebook and that 66% connect on average 20 minutes daily, we understand directly the importance of this niche. (source : http://www.lalibre.be/actu/cyber/les-belges-et-facebook-5391a9f03570d60b4dc131dc)

In addition to being a free advertising fairly easy to use and powerful, the presence on social networks of a brand or a company allows it to weave a valuable link with its customers. What is closer and more reassuring than an almost immediate answer to a question left on the company's "Facebook wall". Not to mention the viral side of these networks. A photo or a shared article can in a few clicks go around the world.

However, caution is required. This same virality can destroy or damage the reputation of a brand. Indeed, a too daring ad, a misinterpreted status and it is the whole image of the company collapses

That's why it's best to adopt a real thoughtful and successful SMO strategy.


In addition to improving SEO (the profile of the company on the social network is very well referenced by Google), Linkedin can create a huge web between different companies. A boon to facilitate contacts.

For job seekers, Linkedin allows companies to easily publish offers.