Paid referencing

Google AdWords is a paid ad publishing tool that allows you to be instantly visible on the search engine by people searching for your products. "

Want to boost your visibility and instantly appear at the top of Google? Highlight only some of your products or services? All while paying only if it works?

So Google AdWords is for you!

What is Google AdWords?

The Google AdWords paid search service is, along with the Display Advertising , one of the two advertising services offered by Google. It allows you to write short advertisements that appear at the top, bottom and side of the search results.

Its principle is simple:

  • You write an ad in relation to one of your services.
  • You are bidding on a series of keywords related to this ad.
  • When an Internet user searches for one of these keywords, the corresponding ads are displayed according to the order of the bids (from the most expensive to the cheapest).
  • If the user clicks on your ad, you pay the bid amount.

Selecting the most relevant keywords in relation to your industry is therefore essential to avoid unprofitable clicks. Just like writing your ads as accurately as possible.

This is where our AdWords experts come on the scene!

Your advantages

Immediacy . Unlike natural search , your ads appear instantly in search results. Ideal to boost his visibility! You also have access to real-time statistics, to evaluate and improve the profitability of expenses.

Profitability . With Cost-per-Click (CPC), you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Each euro spent therefore corresponds to the visit of an interested customer.

Targeting . The Google Adwords interface allows you to display your ads only for a specific language or geographic area, among others. Thus, your visitors are always qualified. You can also choose the broadcast schedules, according to your needs.

Budget Control . By setting a maximum daily budget, you make sure you meet your goals without leaving you behind.

Certified specialist

Google AdWords certified , our webmarketers have passed Google's official exams with flying colors, and maintain a regular management activity to keep this license.

By calling on our experts , you save time managing your account with their in-depth knowledge of the interface and its features. Linked to their webmarketing expertise, these skills will help you increase your visibility and maximize your return on investment.

If you want to manage your own AdWords campaigns , we can also coach you during the various stages of creating and optimizing campaigns, and advise you in management.

Our AdWords service

  • Campaign design and setup by our AdWords Specialists, based on goals we'll set together.
  • Analysis and selection of relevant keywords to maximize your profitability.
  • Regular monitoring and optimization campaigns, based on statistical analysis.
  • Training and technical and strategic consultancy, if you want to manage your campaigns yourself.